« Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. »

Ralph Waldo Emerson



The world has changed more in the past 20 years than it did in the previous century.

McLuhan’s “global village” is now a reality.

We measure time in milliseconds. We react to everything, immediately, constantly.

Marshall McLuhan

Visions of collective utopia have given way to Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame.

New attitudes and new practices are emerging.

A new world is dawning, filled with uncertainty yet packed with opportunity.

Whether you are an executive, communication director, HR manager, local authority or institution, Planète Tatou will help you:

  • express your difference—what forges your identity and makes you unique
  • clarify your real communication challenges—which often differ from stated goals
  • determine the best way to enhance the way you communicate with those around you—clients, partners, media and employees.


To Native Americans, the armadillo is a totem animal that guards boundaries.

It helps define our space and establishes the barriers needed to strike a personal balance while embracing external factors liable to fuel our growth.

Planète Tatou is a collective of creatives who draw on decades of established expertise in their respective fields:

  • multilingual content creation across a range of media
  • editorial websites for internal & external audiences
  • in-house & external magazines in print & online
  • B2B communication: customer magazines and newsletters
  • territorial marketing
  • financial & CSR communication: annual reports, business reviews
  • yearbooks and corporate publications
  • press relations
  • film and video



Xavier Harlé
xavier harlé

Xavier is a multimedia mastermind specializing in event promotion, writing, advertising,
and editorial site design, with a specific focus on team management and cost control.


Guillaume Frolet

An established writer with over 15 years’ experience, Guillaume is equally at home with both print and
online content.

karine godo

Co-founder and director of leading Paris-based translation agency Sémantis for over 30 years, Karine has worked closely with a number of CAC 40 companies.


Jon Fayard

A fan of music, photography and New York,
Jon knows the ins and outs of ad design,
web design, editing and video editing.

David panzo

Versatile artistic director, he works for publishing, the web, music labels, television ("Karambolage" on Arte).


Example publications

Creation in 2008 of L’Envol newsletter for Lesaffre, a global leader in yeast for bread-making, which continues to be published with a print run of 5,000 copies for bakers, retailers and the trade press

Content used for sales pitches and social media posts.

Creation of a 180-page book celebrating the 100th anniversary of FALA (Fabrique Alsacienne de Levure & Alcools, Lesaffre group), printed in 2 000 copies.

Creation of EDF Collectivités Le Magazine quarterly, with 85,000 copies distributed.

Creation of the #Planet website for Veolia, updated three times a week in English  and French.

Creation of the in-house
Rés’eau magazine for
Veolia Eau Île-de-France.


Comprehensive campaign to promote the Drôme region as a catalyst for growth (Drôme Accélérateur de Croissance):
national press and radio ads in Le Monde and Les Échos newspapers and on France Inter and France Info radio,
posters in Gare de Lyon train station, website material, press relations, and two publications
(Sagas des Créations & Entreprises Drômoises and Drôme, Terre de Creation), featuring…

Michel Chapoutier
Michel Chapoutier
Robert Clergerie
Robert Clergerie
Norbert Dentressangle
Norbert Dentressangle
Anne-Sophie Pic
Daniel Pennac

Multilingual content creation

Annual report (print + web) and press releases for the
L’Oréal finance department.

English-language version of the Nestlé Waters yearbook.

Volvo lifestyle magazine and brochures for all models reissued every year.


November 2021

First, a meeting with a baker-pastry chef trained at the Ferrandi school, passed through the Ritz and Dalloyau, before becoming a… naval non-commissioned officer! Then an update on the improvers adapted to the quality of 2021 flour. Finally, a little tour of Argentina and some topical images: this is the autumn batch of “L’ Envol “, Lesaffre’s customer newspaper.

September 2021

The 180-page book dedicated to 100 years of FALA (Fabrique Alsacienne de Levure & Alcools, Lesaffre group) has just been released. A source of pride for the whole team.


August 2021

After 10 months of work, the 180-page book dedicated to 100 years of FALA, an emblematic entity of Lesaffre, goes to print. A magnificent adventure.


July 2021

Why call an ingredient that does not contain yeast “levure chimique” (i.e. “chemical yeast”) ? Certainly, the expression is not appropriate to designate “baking powder” used for cakes and pastries. Even less when used as a synonym for “industrial yeast”, this time targeting the culture of baker’s yeast. Between abuse of language and unjustified connotation, an update on a name that sows confusion among consumers, but also bakers.


May 2021

More than a year of an exceptional crisis : L’Envol interviewed five professionals who discuss the circumstances in which they approached this period: remote control, maintenance or reduction of working hours, products of circumstance, adaptation of product ranges or new distribution levers… and also how Lesaffre was able to support them.

February 2021

Initiated by Burgundian farmers in the 1990s, the CRC® approach developed in the early 2000s from an ambition: to grow high quality French cereals, according to reasoned agricultural practices. At its Strasbourg site, SIL FALA (Lesaffre group) manufactures durum wheat sourdough from flours from the CRC® sector. Special feature in the winter 2021 issue of L’Envol.






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